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Leadership Competency:
Making Good Decisions on Short Deadlines


Good decisions are the result of responsible action guided by clarity of thought, conviction and courage.


How good are your decision-making skills in a crisis?


When change is forced upon you?  When you are pressured by time and high expectations? When you are under emotional pressure?  When issues are troubled and complex? When information is incomplete?


Executive Coaching:

Helps leaders make the right decisions in demanding situations.
sparring partner/consultant/coach helps prepare such decisions effectively and provides support by sharing their:

- Experience in management  of strategic  and operational decision-making

- Neutral, independent opinion as an external observer

- Broad life experience as well as own leadership experience.

- Interest and engagement in your specific situation


A coach helps you:

- Pinpoint the relevant facts, data, information linked to the decision-making context.

- Analyse and interpret factors that are critical to making the right decision 

- Review, develop and assess options, opportunities and risks.

- Plan strategic action and reaction to influences exerted by the environment.

- Cope with conflicting needs for autonomy and a dependence on others.


Executive Coaching is for:

Top managers, leaders and persons with a high degree of professional responsibility who wish to make the best decisions on both a professional and personal level of their role in business, in management and in politics.