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Coaching Supervision / Metacoaching

„Coaching supervision is the formal process of professional support, which ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practices through interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation and sharing of expertise“ (Bachkirova et al. 2005).


Metacoaching is reviewing and reflecting on the interactions of the coachee/mentee with the client’s organisation by applying a systemic perspective, i.e. observation and feedback of second order by the supervisor focusing on (existing and emerging patterns of) communication including changes in the quality of relationships.


Benefits for stakeholders

For the purchasing organisation (that employs the services of coaches and mentors)

- helps to maximise the potential of their investment (time, money, corporate budget, personal efforts/sacrifice) through accountability, ethical awareness and by helping coaches and mentors to apply their service more profoundly toward organisational goals

- promotes organisational learning as a result of being aware of collective themes emerging quality assurance of coach/mentoring provision

- develops coaching cultures


For the coach / mentor

- Continuing personal and professional development

- Reflective practice

- Support and practice development


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